Art Print Display Ideas For The Home

Chiswick Art Print White Frame

Frame It

Simple but effective. A crisp white frame (like the ones I use for the A3 prints I send out) can really push the art forward and focus the eye. (40 x 50cm for A3 framed with mount).


Spitalfields Art Print Gold Frame no mount
To Mount or Not To Mount

This is down to personal choice and dependent on the picture’s design, but I like a mount to frame a picture before the frame frames. I use white mounts and frames to create space around the prints. They also look good unmounted in a simple gold frame (30 x 40cm for A3 print size)


Bermondsey Art Print blue frame

Colour Block

Which colour frame will work best with your art? You can really set off your print with the choice of frame colour - black, white, wooden, gold, silver. It also depends on your style and the decor of a particular room.


West London art prints gallery wall

Gallery Wall

Whether an eclectic mix of shapes and sizes; frames and unframed print or in a uniform, symmetrical grid of framed pictures.


Camden Print hanging pegs
Unusual Frames

Frames don’t have to be mainstream. Washi tape as a surround, use a hanger or clipboard to show off your design or hang from a wire. I love a magnetic frame.

Notting Hill art print sideboard

Balance & proportion in the space - whether you’re hanging a picture over a sofa; on its own above a mantlepiece; or in a collection above a sideboard, the dimensions of the space you leave are just as important as the picture itself. You can measure out placement as a flatly on the floor first to get a good idea.  Also if that’s all to overwhelming, you can always simply prop up the print on the floor against a wall (preferably framed so it looks purposeful and not like part of the ever growing mess that invades my home).


Victoria Park Art Print shelf

Framed or unframed, mixed sizes all look good together on a shelf, whether on their own or styled with similar hues and objects

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