Primrose Hill Art Flowers

  1. A colourful print!

Art prints can pack a punch with colour.   Vibrant colour ways do really draw in the eye in a minimalist room or enhance the mix and match style of an eclectic colour scheme.  Display on a shelf, as the focal point on a sparse wall or as part of a gallery wall.


Plants and foliage

 2. Foliage.

Whether it's a fresh floral bouquet or a cleverly replicated artificial plant (for those of us who aren't so good at keeping the old house plant watered), flowers and greenery can really freshen up a room and bring a bit of the outside in.


Little Venice Art Kings Cross Art Framed








3. A Stand Out Piece of Furniture.

An accent chair, a colourful cabinet or a statement sideboard can totally transform a room with an inspired injection of vibrant or husky hues. 









4. Colourful souvenirs and books displays.

Shelves can bring character to any room and show off your personality through those little accessories collected from people and places that mean something special to you.  Your books could be displayed by colour or you could paint or wallpaper the interior of the shelving to make the contents pop.



Sofa cushions Dino Print








5. Tactile Pops of Colour.

Rugs are often works of art in themselves and bring out the colour in the rest of the room. You can change an entire room's colour scheme just by switching or mixing cushions. Textiles such as blankets and throws and wall hangings bring the noise colour-wise.


Crystal Palace Bowl








6. Paint or wallpaper a wall.

If you can't stretch to the whole room, try a boost of colour or pattern on just one section of wall or colour block a cosy corner.


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